I don’t know how it’s possible, but Miranda Kerr obviously read our minds and that’s how these new lingerie photos came out .. which range from her looking absolutely stunning to… drop dead sexy. I thought you guys and gals might enjoy the cutest peach on the planet getting uber hot today so.. I’ve read your minds as well.

Sylwia Nowak is just another little peach from Poland who looks absolutely amazing in lingerie and probably that’s why she was picked for this Dama Kier photoshoot. I’ve drooled over these photos for a couple of days now, and you can see why by looking at any one of these ridiculously sexy photo. Hot damn, this girl is beyond sexy.. lovely from have to toe. Enjoy, and have a great [...]

Cora Skinner back in our minds and dreams with a brand spanking new photoshoot, this time posing in sexy lingerie for the newest collection from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Wow! If there’s one thing hotter than seeing this bombshell in bikinis, it’s definitely seeing her in skimpy lingerie.

I haven’t been seeing a lot of Melissa Giraldo lately, but now that I have I realize how much I miss this Columbian bombshell. Melissa Giraldo may now have the model clout of Irina Shayk, but I think she should. Can anyone find anything at all wrong with her? Anything? I sure as hell can’t, and I have put in many hours studying her thoroughly. Phax Swimwear seems to have [...]

Candy time of the year is Candice Swanepoel time of the year as Victoria’s Secret released the uber-hot Angel’s lingerie catalog shoot just in time to get the little missus something little and silky for All Hallowed Saint’s Day. Something about those little bits of lacy bras and panties, or, in Candice’s case, sometimes, no bra at all, just the old standby measure of the slightly covered bare boobtastic, that [...]

It’s been far too long since the last time we’ve had the privilege of drooling over my Swedish crush, the always stunning Johanna Lundback but today she’s finally back in our attention with a new wonderful photoshoot. Here she is showing off her mesmerizing curves for the newest collection of swimwear from Phax.

Here’s Adriana Lima prancing around in skimpy lingerie for Victoria’s Secret once again, this time for the company’s online catalog or something. I think I might have seen some of these photos before but.. who cares? she’s so hot that no matter how many times I gush over a couple of photos with her, I’d still do it again, and again, and again…

Whoa, I don’t know too many things about this peach and this is actually the first time we’re featuring her in here but she’s ridiculously sexy. From what I’ve found out, she’s a Macedonian model who’s quickly starting to take over the world with her lovely little body and this new VS photoshoot is one of her biggest achievements yet.

Here she is showing off her lovely Brazilian supermodel curves in said bikinis for the newest collection of swimwear from Itiz in a couple of wonderful, wallpaper-worthy photos. I don’t even know what to say about this peach.. she has killer eyes, a sexy little body and just oozes sexy appeal.

Here is model Cora Skinner, the one just get my full attention in hese brand spanking new swimwear photos with her were just I needed to feature this hottie on our site. So my friends.. here’s brunette bombshell Cora Skinner looking all kinds of hot in this swimwear photoshoot for the newest collection from Lady Lux and.. more.

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