Here English beautiful model Michea Crawford poses her goddess in new collection for this Spring from Yamamay. I have not idea about this hottie but I’m sure I loved her already. Model from Chelsea looks so gorgeous in these pictures, I’m totally looking forward her new campaign soon. Enjoy!

Gosh, here another killing lingerie collection from Polish bombshell Monika Pietrasinska, I think we need some strong medicine for this. Yesterday we almost passed out because of her damn amazing lingerie collection for Lupo. You know everytime she shows up in a new campaign, I totally can’t sleep without dreaming. Checking out the pictures and tell me if you can sleep without dreaming!

Now we go to the Country of Love France to meet French supermodel Mathilde Frachon. Hot angel just posed her drop dead sexy body in the latest collection for Victoria’s Secret. If you are not attracted by the girl like this, I think you need a medical attention. Enjoy!

Here Argentine model Yamila Diaz-Rahi making her debut on wonpic in her new swimwear photoshoot. I don’t know if i have heart about this peach before or not, but I’m sure her impression in this collection will make her name easier to remember. Enjoy!

Here one of our most wanted sexy model Monika Pietrasinska posing her super lingerie body in the brand new collection from label Lupo. Damn, her body is one hundred percent perfect from head to toe. If Monika Pietrasinska takes number 2, I’m sure no girl dare to take number 1 on the list of sexiest models. She is my dream. Enjoy!

Wow, supermodel model from Brazil Natalia Andrade unleashes her supernova hotness in the brand new lingerie collection from label Palmers. I don’t know what more to tell you about her in these freaking sexy pictures. She looks like a perfect thing that men ever dream about. Enjoy!

Amercan model Jessica Dykstra exposes her charming body in the brand new lingerie collection from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Gosh, I would like to know where Frederick can find all the freaking hot models for his collection. Not one girl in all the Frederick’s of Hollywood collections is not attracting us and Jessica Dykstra is one the best. Right now I’m only thinking about how I can take this girl out. [...]

I’m sure you already seen Izabel Goulart in Victoria’s Secret lingerie before, but are you sure it’s better when compare with this? New lingerie collection from Nordstrom of Izabel Goulart is so amazing that you can forget her images in Victoria’s Secret. What a beautiful!

Anywhere in the world have hot girls you know we’ll be there, now it’s time we come Portugal to check out new girl Sara Sampaio. Portuguese hot model runs new swimwear campaign for Calzedonia. She flashes her screaming hot body like I ever seen before in the photoshoot. She’s hot!

Wow, young super hottie Kate Upton poses her super body again in the brand new swimwear collection “Bronze” from Beach Bunny. Gosh, This is ridiculously, insanely smokin’ hot body you ever seen in a while. I’m sure her body is at a higher level now. SI cover girl is driving me crazy by her fantastic body with new hair style now.

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