Here’s uber cutie Erin Heatherton looking like her usual stunning/perfect little self in a bunch of new photos for Victoria’s Secret in… sexy lingerie and bikinis as well! Now the first thing I want to mention is that ever since I’ve first seen a bunch of photos with this girl, I just can’t stop thinking of Erin’s exquisite body with those sweet freckles in lingerie. And I’m sure you guys and gals can relate.

Hot damn, just look her at her body. That thing is TIGHT! I’ve been holding onto these new sweet lingerie photos from VS with her for a couple of days just to end the week with them and in the meantime she also posed in VS bikinis and a new sexy lingerie photoshoot for Valentine’s Day.

So she’s been pretty busy lately totally blowing our minds. She looks so great in these photos that I’m starting to have a little crush for her. Anyways, time to click on these sexy thumbnails!

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