If you look real, real close at the shadow, you’ll see that the flag is actually coming from Rosie‘s tiny shorts. Lovely, huh? Then again, if your attention is on the fucking shadow and not the girls, there’s something medically wrong with you. Happy Weekend

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Bless you, Nina Osenar, my new favorite Slovenian celebrity hottie!

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Okay, so acting may be a bit of a stretch for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but being hot in a swimsuit comes quite naturally to this amazing-bodied Victoria’s Secret angel who constantly reminds me of warm, sexy, summer vacations that I never had in the first place. Yeah, I’ll see Transformers 3, mostly just because of Rosie and what I know will be a Michael Bay lovemaking on camera to her hotness; [...]

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Hands down, some of the greatest pics to ever be posted on my site.. Peep after the jump..

Geekboy Alert! Olivia Munn looks ridiculously hot in our second round today from FHM Australia where the geekstress really ramps up the sexy quotient to infinity and beyond. We regret the extra laundry that will need to be done by the moms of the fanboys living in their basements, however, a small price to pay for Olivia Munn sexiness to be enjoyed by both virgins and non-virgins a like. Enjoy.

Angel Vain may look like a sweet young thing—but trust us, she’s definitely got a naughty side. And we’re not just talking about her love of bondage, rough sex, or kissing anyone who crosses her path. No, Angel’s not afraid to get ghoulish—as evidenced by some of the photos Juliland has graciously shared with us. And if you ask us, that makes her the perfect jGrrl for this October. After [...]

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